Role of colocation hosting vietnam

November 4, 2016

A colocation hosting Vietnam has to meet international standards. This is important thing you must notice when hiring a colocation.

What is data center?

Data Center is considered to be an infrastructure that contains full of software and hardware resource. It has main functions: data storage, management and operation of the storage device (server).

Data Center creates a standardize environment that allows users to rent space with support services without setting up the complicated installations. Users simply install the connection to the data center through the transfer as PSTN / ISD, xDSL … We can say that the data center is a safe and professional data storage. It helps individuals and businesses to minimize storage and management costs.q


Requirements of Data Center

– Requirements of Hardware: the best colocation Vietnam has to ensure that energy systems operate continuously and stably (electricity systems, backup power systems, cable systems, cooling systems…). The cabinet needs to be fully integrated power supplies, network equipment, lightning protection equipment, line system… Besides that, safety systems (fire alarms, surveillance cameras, smoke sensors device, alarm, voice and fingerprint recognition…) must be always active under any circumstance.

– Requirements of Software: network management system must operate 24/7 to monitor the status of servers, network devices and ensure the availability of network components. Data center customers need to provide remote access device in case of the unexpected incident.

Benefits of Data Center

Data Center has a special role to individuals and businesses in storing and protecting data. Usually there will be two types of colocation customer: the individual and small – medium enterprises and big organizations and departments. Depending on the size and demand, users can choose the most appropriate colocation solution such as: a unit, a rack, a part or the entire data center. Individuals and small and medium enterprises often hire one or more units / server location. The departments and large corporations (finance, insurance cover and banking) often rent total cabinet or the acreage of floor (m2). In addition to that, user can uses “cages” to keep your cabinet in a locked cage in purpose of higher security. For these fields, data security and connection maintenance is extremely important.


A lot of users can place the server at home or office, but this infrastructure does not ensure smooth network connection as well as the safety of the server. Only quality colocation Vietnam can protect data from the influence of the disaster.

Annually, more than 90% of enterprise that lost data and could not restore within 10 days went bankrupt after a year. And there are up to 86% of the enterprise’s information systems get down-time at least once a year. These figures showed that the role of the data center is extremely important and necessary. Businesses and organizations should consider the standards of data center carefully before purchasing or renting server colocation. Currently, the standard Tier 3 is the most important criteria to evaluate if a data center can meet the requirements.