What is a standardized colocation vietnam ho chi minh?

October 31, 2016

We all know the benefits of colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh, but what is international standardized data center?

Data Center is the standardized environment of infrastructure and technology. This ensures the safety and efficiency of server operation. A Data Center must meet the design requirements, operational procedures, troubleshooting and have to be maintained regularly.

There are two standards of a Data Center: ISO and Tier. ISO is a quality standard of infrastructure, security and energy management. This standard focuses on facilities and hardware. Tier is an international standard that describe the requirements of a quality data center. This standard includes 4 levels from 1 to 4. ISO and Tier will ensure the safety, privacy, stability, energy saving and operation efficiency to customers.


Usually there are two types of customers using the colocation server Vietnam service in Data Center. The customers can buy / lease dedicated server and the provider will place it in the Data Center. The providers will be responsible to deal with all hardware and software errors.

The second type customer is who possesses dedicated server do not have the quality environment to place their server. In this case they will rent a colocation in Data Center servers. If the customers use this service, they have to resolve all the problems by themselves. Colocation provider is only responsible for dealing with issues related to their services such as connection systems, network connection and security…

You’ll wonder what happens if the servers get errors while users are far away from Data Center? Do not worry because most of the current colocation server service offers remote access software. This software will allow the users to access to server to resolve the problem timely wherever they are.

data center tier graphic

For all reason, a quality colocation Vietnam must be constructed to create a perfect environment for the delivery and installation of equipment. This is to avoid expensive cost in the construction and repair later.

The construction of a standardized data center often cost a lot. This figure can be up to hundreds of millions of dollars. The more Tier level Data Center got, the more cost you have to pay. Therefore, there must be a balance investment between space and equipment for the best efficiency of data center operation.