What you need to notice when building colocation vietnam

February 13, 2017

Colocation In Vietnam not only meets the global standards but also have to be improved with new trend in the future.

Actually, technology infrastructure changes continuously depending on the growth and needs of the enterprises. This means the energy to meet this expansion has also increased significantly.


Every business / provider has different point of view about the data center, but all come from the actual needs of the market. The standards of a data center in future will be directed to these factors: safer, “greener” and more efficient.

Safety depends on the quality equipment and the security system in the data center. Placing surveillance cameras and fingerprint/ voice recognition in the best colocation Vietnam is essential. This can help you identify who were in and out of the data center and avoid the stranger form enter DC with bad purposes.

Data center efficiency depends on many factors. Energy-saving will make system operate efficiently and reduce lot of costs. A system operates under control will reduce damages due to overloading, emissions and heat to the environment. It is “greener” trend that most of the data centers all over the world are following. Rather than being a drain datacenter costs, data center will be considered an economical value storage solution instead of technology construction that wastes a lot of energy.


Whether in the present or in the future, the data center must ensure operational safety and backup systems. For these industries require high security such as banking, finance, insurance, media, the uptime is a priority. The higher safety got, the more costs wasted. Therefore, enterprises should make the right decision to turn a quality colocation Vietnam into a competitive strength instead of the worry about the costs.

Improving system readiness and energy efficiency require the experts to pay attention to the current operation of data center. These factors including software, hardware, power systems, transmission and internet connection take effect directly to the performance and operating costs of the data center.


The control of the physical infrastructure holistically helps the data center to increase flexibility, operational efficiency, energy saving and reduce total costs. It is entirely to achieve if data centers are set up continuous applied power solutions, exact cooling and security guarantee to manage the lifecycle of a data center.