How companies are utilizing carrier neutral cheap colocation Vietnam

December 5, 2016

The last few years have seen an upswing in the number of enterprises moving their IT management and housing to colocation Vietnam.

When choosing a data center (DC), companies have 2 choices. Carrier specific DCs are operated by a single carrier and provide services for the total facility. On the other hand, carrier neutral DCs are those through that any carrier is permitted to provide services and compete for a company’s business. Companies are given the ability to choose between providers or utilize different providers for different services.


The benefit of a carrier neutral DC lies in the competition between carriers. Each of the carriers operating in any given DC is competing for your company’s business. This gives companies the ability to choose based on their business needs and budget. In the event that a business’s budget or needs unexpectedly change, switching carriers is a simple proposition because a company’s entire infrastructure is being housed in the DC. Recently, an increased number of companies have started to use carrier neutral DCs to maximize the benefits they receive from the DC’s services, doing everything from increasing redundancy to ensuring optimal resilience.

How companies can use carrier neutral DCs to improve redundancy

Companies have started utilizing carrier neutral DCs to improve reliability, redundancy, portability and flexibility, while reducing the cost of connectivity. Each of these uses is investigated in more detail below.

     Increased ease of portability: Moving a company’s web servers and IT infrastructure to a DC needs a significant investment of money and time. Once that move is complete, the goal is to decrease your chances of demand to spend that money and time again when you want to relocate. Despite how satisfied your company currently is with their carrier, and businesses are now utilizing carrier neutral DCs to eliminate the cost of relocating their total IT structure every time they decide to change carriers.


     Improved reliability: The reliability is a result of the business’s ability to choose the carrier that best fits the needs of their company. With multiple carriers being housed in the same DC, companies are no longer being forced to choose between a DC which provides optimal cooling, heating, security services, connectivity and a carrier which effectively meets their unique IT requires.

     Lowered cost of connection: The fact that multiple carriers are stored in a single DC and compete for your business means that companies can select a carrier based on which provider offers performance and pricing that best meets the company’s IT budget and demands. The end result of this new ability is a decreased cost of connection for businesses.

Increased redundancy: Customers need 24/7 access to their data. Companies experiencing outages which result in loss of critical data suffer an immediate profit loss. If companies are provided with access to multiple carriers through a carrier neutral DC, the risk of an outage that results in loss of data will be drastically reduced. This redundancy ensures continued operation of your critical applications, even in the event of an outage with your current carrier.


     Increased flexibility: Each carrier’s network utilizes copper fiber and cables that travel a different route. Additionally, each network uses electronics which offer applications and unique services. Therefore, companies have started utilizing carrier neutral DCs for their ability to choose the route, specific cable and application set that best addresses their demands. In a carrier neutral DC, all electronic services are available to a company at any time. This increases flexibility by allowing companies to choose as they want to scale.

Carrier neutral DCs and your company

Companies have started utilizing carrier neutral DCs to meet a host of demands. The bottom line is that these DCs allow companies to increase reliability and decrease cost. To know more about the ways your business could benefit from a carrier neutral DC, contact the three closest to your business. Speak with each of the support service representatives and decide whether this is the best route for your business.