Make best colocation vietnam greener in future?

December 13, 2016

Vietnam Colocation in future is not only “smarter” but also “greener” to save energy and protect the environment.

According to Frost & Sullivan company, there currently are 80% of data center in Asia operate nearly 90% of designed capacity. Therefore, when the needs of the business change, the data center have to upgrade or reduce the scale to meet the appropriate demands.

So what happens if the data center does not expand and upgrade technology infrastructure? The answer is that the equipment, transmission lines as well as connection systems will exceed designed level, even overload. These are the causes of increase in energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the environment.


Many experts in optimizing the efficiency of bandwidth colocation Vietnam have been worry about that. And they create the term called “greener”. “Greener” is environmental standards that dater center have to follow to protect environment in future. This term also refers to the data centers operate efficiently, which have not only meet business needs but also save energy and reduce harmful emissions into the environment. When energy costs account for 1/3 of the total data center’s operating costs, the “greener” has extremely important role.

The company Schneider Electric now offers many solutions of “greener” data center. One of the effective methods is called StruxureWare that is known as the data center infrastructure management software. This software allows engineers to monitor, manage the entire data center infrastructure. It also provides hardware statistics in detail as well as electric power consumption and operating status of the equipment in the colocation server Vietnam.


This software connects management systems with the infrastructure of the data center, and provides comprehensive and effective management. It also enables experts to create hardware solution in the form of modules to easily upgrade or reduce the scale / operation of the data center according to the business needs at different times.

Besides that, cooling solutions play an important role in the “greener” data center. The advanced and latest cooling system as InRow 2, three-phase UPS Galaxy VM, StruxureWare software for Data Center Operations V7.4 will bring many choice for enterprises in purpose of improving operational efficiency as well as making data center “greener”.