Microsoft builds colocation vietnam depspite of brexit

November 9, 2016

Despite of Brexit, Microsoft has announced the project of Vietnam colocation  in the UK. Is it a right decision of the technical “boss”?

In June 2016, UK declares that this country will separate from the European Union. Not only does this event impact to politic but also influences in many fields such as economy, society, technology and education… Despite this, Microsoft still announces projects of their first cloud Data Center in the UK.

This is not only the first Data Center supporting cloud services in the UK, but also is the largest cloud Data Center built by Microsoft previously. At that time, Amazon Web Server – the largest providers of cloud computing services all over the world is going to construct their first Data Center in the UK in early 2017. And Google also demonstrated its competitive position with AMZ and Microsoft by saying that they will build their data centers in the UK soon.


This does not mean that currently there are not cloud providers place their quality colocation Vietnam Data Center in the UK. We could see that many big companies such as IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace, Digital Ocean are operating their cloud Data Center in London.

After the vote of Brexit in June, there were a lot of concerns that the technology companies will have fewer options to place Data Center in the UK. However, about a week after the vote, a leader of the Amazon has officially announced that their company will continue plans to open its first Data Center in the UK next year (2017) as previous plan.

According to official information, Microsoft’s Data Center in the UK will be located in 3 regions:

The new Azure regions are in:

– West UK – Cardiff, Wales

– South UK – London, England

The new Office 365 regions are in:

– London – England

– Durham – England.

Although far behind AWS in terms of revenue, Microsoft has more cloud Data Centers around the world than any of its competitors. “Microsoft has 28 data centers”, Takeshi Numoto – cooperate vice president of a cloud computing company said.


Microsoft’s new data centers have their first customers, including the UK Ministry of Defense. This VIP customer is using Office 365 and Azure and will use Dynamics CRM Online in the early of next year. Other customers including the largest health-care companies in UK, as well as some private-sector companies like Aston Martin, Capita and Rosslyn Analytics will place their cheap colocation Vietnam in Microsoft’s Data Center.

One of the issues leads to concerns about data privacy and security after Brexit is if UK government applies new regulations of data privacy or not. Along with Google and Salesforce, Microsoft has agreed with EU-US Privacy Shield – a rule created to replace the Safe Harbor rule that has been removed recently. This framework defines moving separate data between the data centers in the Atlantic region. Currently, the Brexit has not come to an end so it is difficult to say how the rules in the Privacy Shield will be specified.

Data security and data privacy are the priority problem of Microsoft’s leaders. For the last few years, Microsoft has battled the US government in the issue of access to personal emails stored in the Data Center in Dublin, Ireland. These emails belong to the suspect in a criminal investigation, and the US government requested Microsoft to let them access to the emails. Finally, the victory seemed to belong to Microsoft while the court announced Microsoft will not be complied with a warrant seeking to access the emails.