Pressure for colocation Vietnam up-time increases (part 1)

April 13, 2017

When devices connected to internet turn to be as crucial as electricity, uptime of colocation Vietnam is likely to be of highest priority.

Michael Rogers, the practical futurist recently addressed the IT professionals saying – “For data centers (DC), the idea that you need to be perfect will not be far from the truth.” DC managers and IT professionals should now consider about the demand of the economy from them in future and all decisions that they make have to be towards that aspect.


To get an idea of the technologies that will demand continuous uptime of DC in 2024, re-think what it was like 9 years ago (in 2006).

Back in 2006, Facebook had hardly 50,000 members; iPhone wasn’t available; YouTube was launched, although analysts predicted that it wouldn’t endure in the field as it got sued by Hollywood; the cost of a 24-in LCD TV was $3000.


The increasing demand for DCs will arise from customers and employees who feel the need to be online all through the day either through devices or other connected gadgets. This is expected to be more dominant than ever before. For example, the computing power of a present average scale business server will be within an iPhone 7 years down the lane (as predicted by Rogers).

The key to retaining the uptime of DC will be predictive support, said Dell Services Solutions Group’s executive director, Jim Roth.

The growing prevalence of screens will imply tax on DCs. For example, the pilot technology in convenience stores uses screens near cash registers with clothes and facial recognition, deciding if it is one among the five customer classes that the business recognizes and serves up a custom ad.


The government will also accelerate the demand for perfect uptime of DCs as high-speed internet will turn to be as important to them as the rural electrification and federal highway systems in earlier generations.

(be continued…)