Signs that your colocation Vietnam has to support as demand (2)

August 15, 2017

So, what happens if there’s something that you need done that your colo Vietnam isn’t able to do?

Priority scheduling

Make sure that your data center makes the resolution of your problems a priority. When you need faster-than-normal service for your IT infrastructure, you shouldn’t have to wait. An excellent colo provider will escalate your issue to a higher severity level in order to provide you with the quickest support possible.

Colocaltion Vietnam

Power redundancy

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re going to be well taken care of, come what may, is to evaluate the overall level of power redundancy offered by your colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh provider. How many years of continuous critical systems uptime can the provider prove? Is the uptime calculated to include maintenance windows or are those excluded? Ask how maintenance windows are used, how many to expect and why? Concurrently maintainable or Tier III should be just that! What types of generators are in use? Are they continuous run-rated and what is the redundancy of major components? For example, you want generators and UPS systems designed at a minimum of an N+1 configuration to ensure redundancy of major components, in addition to separate 2N distribution paths. You also don’t want these critical systems on a common buss.

Above and beyond

So, what happens if there’s something that you need done that your data center isn’t able to do? The last thing you want is for your needs to go unmet, but you also don’t want your provider to attempt doing something that’s outside of their skill sets. A reputable colo will admit to its limitations and help you find someone who can take care of your every demand.

At the end of the day, there’s really no point in moving your data to the facility of colocation in Vietnam Hanoi if you can’t trust the provider to watch your back and provide you with excellent support and services at all times. From power redundancy to first line support and service scheduling, you deserve to know that you and your infrastructure are in the best of hands.

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