Signs that your colocation Vietnam has to support as demand (part 1)

August 15, 2017

While the best colo Vietnam can boast minimal disruptions and nearly 100% uptime, there’s always a chance that disaster will strike.

Nowadays, we rely on our IT infrastructure so as to get anything done. When something goes wrong, daily operations can come crashing to a screeching halt. Suddenly, you are left without the means of accessing data, communicating, making decisions or accomplishing anything. Productivity goes completely out the window. It is no exaggeration to say that any downtime – regardless of how long it lasts – is an all-out disaster. While the best data centers can boast minimal disruptions and nearly 100% uptime, there is always a chance that disaster will strike. So, what happens if it does? Will your vendor of colocation Vietnam Hanoi have your back?

Colocation vietnam

Here are some signs that your colocation partner will be able to support you in your hour of need:

24/7 monitoring

How can your data center possibly help you out in a jam if they are not keeping an eye on things around the clock? The best colocation vendors will offer 24/7 monitoring via extensive and reliable Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems. These DCIMs should include hundreds of thousands of monitored data points that will cover every single process and system within the center itself. This level of monitoring will allow for a first line of defense and support maintenance as soon as an issue is detected.

Support scheduling

A problem, sometimes, cannot be fully assessed or addressed remotely. When this happens, you need to know that your vendor of colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh is able to work with you to schedule service quickly. This means that the vendor should offer routine tech support hours and offer a guarantee on the turnaround time of services being rendered. This might include remote hands services like restarts, cable changes, card swaps, visual verifications, tape swaps and blade resets.

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