Vietnamese colocation for the beginning

November 18, 2016

Unlike other types of hosting services, Vietnamese colocation allows customers to rent space on a server owned by a hosting provider.

Colocation is the service that allows you to rent physical private space and networking equipment for your own servers through data center. Instead of keeping servers in companies, you have to rent the rack space from a data center to contain your own server hardware. You have to be capable of controlling your own server software, backup process, data storage and so on. The provider will be responsible for electricity power, system security and the Internet connection. If hardware gets errors, you have to fix or replace as well as backup server.


The flexibility is the best advantage of colocation server Vietnam because having a stable facility condition can make server operation more effective. Choosing a private space make customers active to their colocation plan and decide which element they should concentrate on. The other reason is physical security. It is safer for customers to choose best colocation Vietnam service instead of in-office hosting. A quality data center will ensure safety condition that you cannot find at in-house condition. Your server will be protected from suddenly cut-down electricity. Data center can also fix errors and back-up data timely because and most the reliable colocation service providers will resolve any problems all the time.

High quality colocation server in Vietnam helps customer get economy benefit that cannot be available with other options. The equipment of colocation center can access to better bandwidth level with a lower cost. That means with colocation service, network speed will be much faster meanwhile the reliability can be obviously higher.

For some customer, colocation service may be a good selection, but there are some disadvantages from objective reasons. If your server was placed too far from your location, it is hard for you to approach timely when errors happen. A long distance can make travel costs and customers are like to be trapped into long-term contracts. It is so necessary for customer to read the provisions of colocation service contract carefully in order not to be shocked by hidden cost.


The network connection, bandwidth, IP address and cooling systems are the element that customers should notice when renting a quality colocation Vietnam. There are two terms that you should know: “racks” and “cabinets”. A rack is known as horizontally standardized layout for installing hardware and equipment. The customer can rent partial, half or full cabinets depending on their budget and requirements. A rack is measured by rack units (U) and one rack unit is 1.75 inches. Your server will be placed in this rack. The price of colocation service depends on the number of units that customers require. In general, a normal rack consists of 47 rack units and it is usually called a ‘cabinet’.

Previously, colocation services were usually used by private enterprises for disaster recovery. Now people use it more and more popular. Colocation service allows customers to take advantage of data center facility while they can control all of their servers function and configuration. This service also saves resources that would have spent to dealing with the physical condition of server storage in offices.

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