Standards of disaster recovery vietnamese colocation

December 23, 2016

Disaster recovery colocation vietnam has to be designed and built according to international standards TIA-942.

Data Center is a standard technology infrastructure environment that provides the high security and effective operation of the server. A data center has to meet the requirements of design, troubleshooting, operation processes and must be tested and maintained regularly.


To meet the highest disaster recovery, many backup data centers were also built. In case of incident, the disaster recovery data center must be able to replace the entire role of main data center.

Disaster recovery colocation Vietnam Hanoi must meet the following international standards:

  • Meet international Uptime standards at Tier III or higher.
  • Disaster recovery system is not placed in the same location with the main data center. It has to be located away from data center at minimum of 30km.


  • Backup system must have to be ready under any circumstance to replace the entire role of the main processing system.
  • Disaster recovery data center also must meet the followings:

– Ensure the security of banking information.

– Security of information in the field of banking.

– Improve recovery banking information.

  • Operating data is stored immediately by transferring from the data center to the disaster recovery center. Time to transfer data does not exceed 04 hours.
  • Transport infrastructure from the colocation server Vietnam to disaster recovery data center must be favorable to the optimize time to move.


  • Built according to international standards TIA – 942 and Uptime Tier III with Information Security Management ISO27001 certificate.
  • Recovery disaster data center prevention must meet the conditions of the facilities, technology and people to be ready to take the entire role of the main data center any time.
  • Design of electrical power lines are separated from the main system. Besides that the electric source are set up with generator and charged power to keep power provided stably.