What is tier standard of colocation vietnam?

November 21, 2016

Tier is an important standard to assess if a Colocation in Vietnam is qualified or not. It includes performance and data redundancy.

Tier 3 is one of the standards that show the qualities of a data center. Infrastructure of a data center needs to be maintained constantly to meet the minimum redundancy N + 1 to maintain. This will make sure that systems get the most efficient performance. Tier 3 standards include a lot of stringent criteria as follows:

Performance of the operating center

It is said that operating center is an important parts of a best colocation Vietnam. It will operate and monitor nearly all of the operation and ensure ability of data redundancy at highest level. The functions of operating center:

– Operate and monitor connection system, power system, cooling system, prevent fire and ensure security.

– Network Management System and MRTG Network Monitor have to control the operation of network devices, servers and connection devices… MRTG Network Monitor is a network that not only monitors data center closely but also measures traffics and resource’s consumption to ensure the availability of network components. The system also detects the change of network connections and inform to user timely before connection speed exceeds the limits. This will prevent server from downtime.


– The temperature and humidity: temperature and humidity should be measured carefully. The engineers will rely on this to adjust the heat and humidity at optimal situation.

– System log: Syslog connection must be always active to observe the process of the system operation.

– Security: the surveillance cameras must supports DVR recording to control all activities inside and outside of the data center.

– Remote access: the data center must allow users to remote access and monitor. Customers do not need to present at data center but they still can observe and resolve problems as being at DC.

Data redundancy

Transformers, generators, UPS and backbone cables… of data center need to back-up at least N + 1 standard. Generators need to back-up at 1 + 1 standard and diesel generators need to be provided with a separate oil tank for operational efficiency and longevity. Any quality colocation Vietnam must have ability of maintaining simultaneously, which means that maintenance will take place without causing disruption to the operation of the server.


One of the most important components at data center is cooling systems. To meet Tier 3 standards, the cooling systems of data centers must meet the following demands:

– The temperature (+/- 1 ° C).

– Humidity (+/- 5%).

– Operate stably and continuously (24 hours / day, 365 days / year).

– Air filters and fan systems are closely monitored.

– Reduce noise by absorption method instead echoes.

In Vietnam, there are many location providers. Users should be based on many factors such as: cost, financial capability, scale, brand reputation as well as the quality of customer services… to choose the most qualified provider.